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31 May 2015
9795 kc
IntSig in progress 1058 (incl. EE ID, "This is FEBC, broadcasting form Manila, Philippines"), s/on at 1100, 1 hour transmission (Vietnamese).  SINPO 355443+

22 Dec 2014
Radyoya Denge Kurdistane ("Radio Kurdistan")
9400 kc
Good reception today and yesterday from 1400 UTC till 1660 s/off; increasing QRN levels w/ local sunrise, especially after 1500.
I was tuning around and caught this yesterday morning, finding "middle eastern" mx and tx and looked it up at (a great source in lieu of "PWBR".) Trying again this morning, I found that it was blocked by FEBC (in Chinese) till their s/off at 1400.
[The transmitter site is in Moldova (Kishinev). I don't know who bankrolls this group or what its political affiliation is.]

05 July 2014
Radio New Zealand Intl
The end of an era. This morning (late tonight NZtime) was Peter Fry's last "Saturday Night". He's retiring after 50 years at 'National Radio'. I caught mention of this last week when the news reader brought it up before the last hour. It hasn't been said whether the program will continue. Thanks for all the music, Peter, and enjoy your time off.
PE - I emailed Peter AND he Replied. How Cool.
And, to some extent, the show goes on, but it's different and the last couple of hours are like some other program that you could hear anywhere and, so, we're all the poorer.

17 May 2014
So, the Beeb has an hour on 5875 from 1200-1300. It's from Ascension Is., the "Atlantic Relay".
I usually tune in on Saturday morning, today earlier than usual though. So, as the lead-in, I heard they were playing the Bow Bells. I thought that they did away with this long ago. I remember how they'd have them going for, I guess, like 10 minutes before the programming began (< 2300 on 5975 or 6175?); how they'd go in and out of sync, almost hypnotic.
Really took me back, the time before the internet, when there was this "international broadcasting".

31 Mar 2013
Radio New Zealand Intl
9700 kc 0800-1058
New freq for 0800, effective 31 Mar (01 Apr)

02 Dec 2012
Voice of Korea (R Pyongyang)
9335 kc 1300-1357
IntSig started at 13h00, with NA at 13h01. All-music this morning, no diatribes on "juche" and the wisdom of Numbnuts (or Numbnuts II, or Numbnut III).  Maybe it was their version of a "Sunday Light programme".
They used to have this freq totally in the clear, but now there is WBCQ on 9330.
> > 20 Oct 2013: "Radio Free Asia" stomping all over this long established freq. I guess this is someone's idea of a "payback".

26 Nov 2012
China Radio Intl
9570 kc 0002
Thought I'd tuned in Radio Australia, but it was CRI.  The newsreader was an Australian-accented YL.
7315 kc 0215-0227
Tuned in "Pirating With Cumbre" already in progress, a programme of pirate station loggings and related news.  Presented by Chris Lobdell.  As I recall, he once edited a SPEEDX column.  I think this must be related to "DXing With Cumbre" (Glenn Hauser).

25 Nov 2012
Voice of Greece
9420 kc 2315-0000
Well, despite their economic woes, there's still money enough to keep the SW transmitters running. Tuned in to a music programme which ran past 00h00. Maybe they should try selling ad time.

22 Nov 2012
Radio New Zealand Intl
15720 kc 2150-0458
11725 kc 0500-0758
9765 kc 0800-1058  (as hrd 12DEC12)
I've been receiving these freqs since I found them Autumn 2012, and reliably unless there's a considerable storm between here and there, I think. I'm not sure at what time 15720 gets decent, that can vary, but for the last few hours the signal can be really good.  They terminate at 0458 promptly, advising to dial in 11725. The interval signal there starts at about 0459.
Lcl (NAm) pm into am, there's a neat music programme, "Saturday Night With Peter Fry", reminds me a lot of "Anything Goes" which aired many years on BBCWS. The programme schedule at shows different, but I was listening to it till 0758 on 11725 and then it picked up again on 9765 after the news, 0805 onward.
9765 can likewise result exceptional reception, it closes down promptly at 10h58.
> > 20 Oct 2013: 15720 and 11725 have been hard to hear for a couple of months, sporadic.

10 NOV 2012
R. Japan/NHK 9835kc
music programme 17h15 till >17h45
I was at the computer with the radio on, began a programme of "pop and rock" from the 80s. After a few numbers I deduced that basically female acts (of the "MTV era") was the theme. It was a broadcast in Japanese.
Kim Carnes (Bette Davis Eyes), Cindy Lauper (Time After Time), Eurhythmics (Sweet Dreams), Bangles (Manic Monday), Pretenders (Don't Get Me Wrong), Swing Out Sister (Break Out), others.

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